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"So far everything has been great! Awesome amenities and apartment. Hopefully everything will stay this way even when there are more people moving in."
"Great community and attentive staff! The apartment is beautiful but with the new restaurants opening at the end of 3rd street, there is a lot of noise until midnight/1 am almost every night along with cars zooming along"
"Everyone in the leasing office has been super helpful through the move in process. Apartment is nice and community areas are well kept. Location is perfect."
"Great! This has been a wonderful experience. The staff, building and overall experience have been nothing but wonderful. I wish we could get a high velocity dryer in the pet spa place"
"Pool is so awesome and sunny! The community is very friendly and safe. Great leasing office that is easy to contact and get more information from. I am so happy to be apart of this community"
"Move in was pretty easy! Staff was very helpful answering all my questions. I had some appliances that needed to be switched on, maintenance was quick to respond. I have no complaints."
"so far everything is great! I got a ton of help with my weird move in situation which was great as well as had all my questions answered upon arrival."
"So far so good. We just moved in Thursday and we love the Alexan 8West family. We feel like we are in a great environment, with fun and respectful residents. The staff who work here are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. The amenities are beyond exceptional and the neighborhood and its close proximity to everything in Atlanta is amazing. I am excited to be living at Alexan8West!"
"We just moved in a few days ago and our experience has been great. Amanda was super helpful throughout the move-in process and loving the apartment so far :)"
"The apartments are newly built, are clean and are awesome. The common areas like pool, gym, rooftop lounge are all very beautiful. This place also has foosball are ping pong tables which add to my personal joy of living here."
"Great building with a very solid location. Tons of walkability, a great gym, the rooftop terrace is amazing. The only thing is I wish the pool got my sunlight. Besides that, everything is great!"
"I love living here... The staff is super friendly (Amanda ROCKS!), the community is super beautiful... I love all of the amenities like the rooftop patio and the game room. Let’s not forget the grab and go market... SUPER LUCKY, I moved here..."
"Thanks to Amanda, Anna and Taylor for being super helpful the whole time during our approval process and move-in. We really like our apartment, quite spacious. The property is beautiful with all amenities. Overall the property is lit :)"
"Unfortunately, my unit is not the unit I was promised and signed a lease for, and no compensation was given to me for that. There are also some cracks above my window, and bath tub"
"Perfect location. Great amenities but small pool area. Friendly leasing staff. Units have thin walls, unable to play music/watch tv without hearing in hallway."
"No complaints. I have been here from the beginning and feel completely safe . I do wish that every area was open 24 hrs . I understand the need to assure a quiet experience is given."
"I've lived here a few weeks and it's been good so far. There are a lot of little details to remember but overall it is a nice community wit nice amenities."
"The only thing I wish were different about the building is if you didn’t have to go down to bring your guests up to your apt. There’s a call ox to let them in (a very nice one), but it almost seems purposeless if it’s only letting them in the lobby, but you have to go down to get them. Though I understand it’s a security thing, which I appreciate, it’s an inconvenience to have to go down and get every guest that visits. If there were a code to use in the elevator or another entryway, that the guests could use and just come straight up, that would be amazing. The main thing it helps with is showing you your delivery person when you get deliveries. But the same applies to them, if it’s after hours, there’s not an option for them to drop it off at your front door, if they can’t get into the package room or the Amazon lockers. I’ve had that happen my second day here. The Amazon delivery man couldn’t get in the room because I didn’t hear the phone, and couldn’t drop at my door."
"We need guest parking. I get it. We are in the city, but at least a few designated spots for guest parking would be great, as not every time we have a guests they should have to pay to visit us. I'm over it."
"Awesome Place! It has a beautiful atmosphere and all the amenities you could want in an apartment. I'm excited to live here for the next long while!"
"Great location, convenient to everything I need! Staff on site has been fantastic since I moved in last August. Looking forward to staying here long term."
"I would highly recommend A8W to anyone. There is something for everyone here. The property is well maintained and managed. The office staff answers every question quickly. It is a new property and a few times there has been unknown answers but the staff members will be completely transparent about it and investigate your concern. I really love it here."
"Awesome. The internet issue I experienced was resolved. Now it reaches to 400Mbps when it is not too busy. Definitely recommend to live here if you are still considering."
"Great customer service & move-In process was smooth with Ms. Anna. & Ms. Amanda made me feel very welcomed on move-in day didn’t miss a beat!"
"The apartment is phenomenal and the leasing office staff is amazing and always willing to help. I was able to move in with less than 2 weeks notice and my unit is in perfect working order. I'm excited to spend my time here."
"I love everything about my apartment community !!! These past few months have been amazing, I have a lovely view, great amenities, and a great management team to rely on for any questions or concerns"
"Pretty good so far! Move in process was smooth and didn’t have any questions. Team here is great and couldn’t recommend them enough. Looking forward to my time here!"
"The building staff are very helpful, nice and friendly. When I put in a service request maintenance staff come right away to fix the problem. Need improvement like guest access and longer access to the business center and game room"
"I love so many things about this apartment! Very accessible to a lot of shops and restaurants, extremely clean and well-kept, the amenities are top-notch, and move-in process was seamless. I’m still getting used to the city noise along the street, and I do wish the walls were a little thicker. But overall, a very nice place to live."
"It has been really good since moving here. Staff is really nice and attentive to any needs. The community is clean and secure. Also other residents are nice and welcoming thus far."
"I like it. Just need better planning for guest parking and to fix the elevator in the garage by the murals and “round about”. The elevator with the padding never wants to open the door on your floor. It’ll go up and take you down to the basement"
"Staff is incredibly nice and welcoming, everything is brand new and up to date, spacious floor plans and a beautiful kitchen, loving the large closets and balcony as well. Really happy with my living experience so far! Would recommend"
"Heading into the ending of my first week here at Alexan and I love it so far! Friendly staff and all! Everything is just as it was advertised and I’m looking forward to making many memories in my new home."
"Spacious apartment with great amenities! Excellent location. The view from rooftop is just amazig! Amanda and Anna are also very professional and helpful."
"Still a great place to live, getting busier as more people move in. A few things here and there that are annoying- still a lack of trash cans in the game room and patio area, and people leaving ping pong balls all around the game area."
"Great! Easy move in process! Beautiful amenities!! I love it here and happy to call it my new home. It is truly a hidden gem here in Atlanta."
"Alexan 8 West is an absolute gem located in the heart of west midtown. This is my first year as a resident and I have enjoyed my experience so far. The staff is great. Everyone else has been great as well, even the new staff members have been helpful and kind."
"My first experience as a resident to this fabulous community was great. The staff in the office really and truly are wonderful people. They went the extra mile to make sure I had a smooth transition in moving in. Amanda, Brittney and Brooke were excellent and I cannot thank these ladies for a job well done. This is a fantastic place to live and I am glad that I am apart of this great organization this lovely community and a well put together residence. I love it!!"
"Our move in was effortless! Everything was ready and all we had to do was pick up our keys. Brittany and the entire staff were extremely helpful through the entire process! 💕"
"The building is beautifully constructed and designed. It also feels very secure and safe. Being in the West Midtown neighborhood is by far the biggest perk (outside of the amenities within the complex.) The only issue I have is there can be a lot of noise coming from 3rd St. at random hours from trucks/construction/garbage pickup. Other than that I'm very happy with the space!"
"The Pet Spa is AMAZING... My dog Coco loves it and so so I the fact that I don’t have to be slumped over a tub or actually great. I can blow dry her there and give her a trim myself. Which is gonna save money in the long run..."
"So far my experience is going . Any negative experience is personal. Just waiting for the opportunity to use the roof and grill now that they are ready."
"Great staff top to bottom. Never left guessing or feeling forgotten. From our move in date to now going on 4 months I have never had a issue that I felt wasn’t resolved as if I was the only tenant living on the property."
"Moving in was easy and Amanda was very pleasant to work with. She had all of the info for every question asked and worked efficiently to help me move in on such short notice. The facilities are all very clean and the apartments have all the best features. It feels like every detail was planned perfectly!"
"I’m more than happy with the many amenities, the staff has amazing personalities and are very helpful. I held one star back bc I’m waiting to see what the upcoming guest parking will be and if we will get it at all."
"I've really enjoyed my time at Alexan 8 West, so far. The staff has been super willing and helpful with the move in process and any problem I've had come up in the process."
"Great place to call home. AMAZING on-site staff, beautiful building, and the PERFECT location. I visited several apartments nearby but none of them could give me what I wanted better than Alexan 8 west. I have ZERO regrets!"
"I have have a great experience with Alexan 8 West from the very first call, to the move-in process, and now 3 weeks later and I'm still loving it."
"love it here!! amenities are great, haven’t had problems with anything except the package room. the maintenance crew works fast and anything i’ve come across i’ve been able to fix."
"It’s an amazing community. Great amenities, awesome location, and the staff is really good. I’m happy with my decision to call Alexan 8 west home."
"Amanda, Rebecca and Brooke have all been so helpful, accommodating and wonderful to be around. Alexan Eight West is brand new, clean and a very safe place to live. The gym is the best I've seen in an apartment community."
"It’s wonderful living in this community. The room is spacious. The gym is brand new. The only drawback is the internet, which is awful in bedroom."
"Best apartment hunting experience I have so far! Seen about 20 places since moving to Atlanta and this has been the easiest process. The leasing team here is awesome"
"Alexan on 8 is an amazing community. The staff is delightful and very helpful. My unit is spacious and everything works perfectly. My favorite amenity is the gym, it has amazing equipment. The rooftop has yet to be finished, but I still visit because it's so relaxing. I love it here!"
"I love my unit and the amenities. It's been great to live in the city. I am really looking forward to all of the community events and the summer time."
"I absolutely love the apartment and the amenities. Brooke was amazing in explaining all about the property. I look forward to my stay here."
"I love my apartment at Alexan 8 West! The location is great and the amenities are phenomenal. Overall, my experience here has been great! I would highly recommend!"
"This would be higher if not for my internet issues. The staff, amenities, location, etc are excellent. However in the 2 months here I’ve had ongoing internet issues. On paper it sounds high tech and in theory should work great but my speeds with Cover Networks (the ISP) have regularly been very slow mbps or I lose connection completely. I’ve had to call multiple times during my workday due to the internet going down. The internet is unreliable and since I work from home this is a deal breaker. Most devices must be connected by adding Mac addresses on a web portal, as well as most of my other devices (ps4, laptop or docking station) having issues with a direct Ethernet hardwire. Any other ISP you’d be able to hardwire any device via a Ethernet cable with ease. The units are wired specifically to Cover Networks and there is no router/modem of your own or alternative provider. Therefore you have to rely on Cover Networks to resolve connections, which they haven’t been able to do for me."
"Although this community is fairly new it has been a very good living experience thus far. The amenities are some of the best that I’ve seen in this area and make it very convenient to live a healthy and productive lifestyle."
"Very nice community so far! The gym and common areas have all the features you would expect plus a few extras and the apartments have lots of storage space. Only drawback is getting used to the appliances (dryer surprisingly loud and stove doesn't heat up as hot as other stoves I've used)."
"Experience has been quite good. Leasing office is very helpful. Internet had issues for the first three days, but was resolved after. It's nice to be the first few to move in."
"Overall , ok. There is no storage space , internet lags, not much to do in "gameroom" . Plus trash is expensive for something you take out yourself."
"Amanda and the whole Alexan 8 West staff are awesome. From the time I walked in the door for a tour to move in day I felt at home. I am so glad to join this new and growing community!"
"The move in experience could not be easier . The team here is very transparent with current items in regards to active construction. They made the set up of our new home very easy and painless."