JCT. Kitchen & Bar Near Alexan Eight West

Chicken Sandwich - JCT Kitchen & Bar Near Alexan Eight West - pic by Khockolate P. on Yelp

Your life at Alexan Eight West is more than plush apartment features and fun community amenities. You can dive in with friends at local gems like JCT. Kitchen & Bar near Alexan Eight West. Add this to the go-to list of your favorite places to grab a bite. You can spend every weekend exploring a new spot with your friends. Atlanta is a city worth loving. Get comfy at Alexan Eight West.

JCT. Kitchen & Bar near Alexan Eight West

There is no other restaurant in Atlanta like JCT. Kitchen & Bar near Alexan Eight West. In their own words, “Simply put, JCT is a junction in Atlanta’s Westside Market intended to be a neighborhood place that feels familiar after your first visit. We focus on super local ingredients with a no fuss approach as it was intended to be and you can expect to find amazing cheeses, country hams, and most of all, what the farmers are growing.”

Dining near Alexan Eight West

You can’t make food this good and not have fans. Heena S. shares on Yelp, “I love JCT and it’s always a great experience. You can’t go wrong with the fried chicken. We grabbed a seat upstairs at the bar since it’s open seating, outdoor, and you don’t need a reservation. They don’t have bread service upstairs but have the same menu so you’re not missing too much. The spicy honey that came with the entrée was amazing. Highly recommend!”

Bring Your Friends

Every second you spend exploring Atlanta with your friends is time well spent. Discover how fun your life can be when you make your move to Alexan Eight West. Find all your favorite flavors and discover something new.

Try JCT, Kitchen & Bar near Alexan Eight West with your friends this weekend. Your luxury lifestyle extends beyond your living room, so start living well at Alexan Eight West.