Have You Tried Alexan Living?

Have You Tried Alexan Living?

Beyond the amazing floorplans, luxury apartment features, and stunning community amenities is a new lifestyle only at Alexan Eight West. Have you tried Alexan Living? Here you can find a special pace of life and peace of mind that goes hand in hand with luxury. Don’t you deserve something special? Dive into the deep end of exclusive comforts only at Alexan Eight West in West Midtown Atlanta.

24/7 Package Service

What’s the best part of shopping online? Is it hunting for the perfect gift or opening it once it arrives. Either one, the hardest part is waiting for it to get here. You can stop worrying with 24/7 access to the package lockers and the package room. Your special something will be waiting for you safe and sound whenever you’re ready to pick it up.

Bike Repair and Storage

Coming home from a great bike ride is amazing until you start dreading dragging your bike into your clean luxury apartment. No more. Keep your bike in the bike storage and keep your wheels turning with help from the bike repair shop. Now you don’t have to worry about getting gear grease on your new sofa. Take care of all your maintenance right here.

Special Community Amenities

Some special community amenities simply make your life easier. Maybe your previous apartment had you emptying trash into an outdoor dumpster? Who knew what nocturnal critters you would encounter? Trash chutes on every floor and a common recycling area mean taking out the garbage is a few steps down a beautiful hallway. 

The best answer to “Have you tried Alexan Living?” is “yes.” Find your new lifestyle only at Alexan Eight West in West Midtown Atlanta and see how sweet life can be.